Opening SAMSUNG SyncMaster back cover.

Instructions and steps how I did removed the back cover of my Samsung syncmaster 753v for service. (August 30, 2009)


how to open samsung monitor Computer displays with CRT are getting obsolete but some of them are worth of repairs. I already saw some issues with SAMSUNG monitors, specially with the SyncMaster models. This time, I had to open my SyncMaster 753v for repairs.


The instructions and steps here indicated may work for other monitors models [500b, 510v, 501s, 551s, 551v, 501v, 700mb, 753s, 753df, 753dfx, 757mb, 793s, 750p, 794mg, 959nf, 997mb, 1100p, 1200nf and lots more] but be aware that you SHOULD NOT FOLLOW the steps here indicated. CRT computer displays are dangerous, the voltage inside this kind of monitors are greater than 50,000 volts. Enough to fry a finger or kill a human being. If you continue reading this article that means you agree with the Disclaimer. Don't kill yourself just to save a few bucks.


Steps to open monitor Some recommendations to open this monitor are:
  • Use a wooden surface. Avoid metal rails or any conductive material closer to the work area.
  • A soft pad or cloth may be needed to protect the glass from the display.
  • Never open a CRT monitor if you don't have experience with it. The best recipe for an accident is just to do something for curiosity.

    First, two screws are located at the bottom of the display. Put the display facing down over the soft pad or cloth to avoid scratching or damaging the glass. As the swivel base is easy to remove, I will not post a photo how to pull the tab and slide it to remove.


    Do not pry, push it. Next, there are two small slots at the top of the display. While the monitor still facing down, insert a small flat screwdriver and push it until you hear a loud "click", pull the cover slightly and repeat with the next slot. No need to do this at the same time as you may need four hands.


    Do no use a big flat screwdriver because it may damage the plastic as I did. Also, no need to pry the plastic because it only damages the plastic and doesn't open the display in any way.


    Now the back cover of the samsung monitor can be removed and ready for service.


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