Your donation is appreciated.

Asking for donations is not easy. So, why I'm asking for donations?


I'm not going to say: "Hey, if you like this site or if the information is helpful, Buy me a beer!" or "Buy me a coffee".


Well, I don't drink alcohol, I'm not addicted to caffeine. I don't even smoke.


When I started this website, back in 2004; I had the idea to share some of my microcontroller projects. The amount of money needed to pay for this website was about eight or nine US dollars each month. So If I don't go to the movies once a month, I will be able to pay the website.


The first month I had about 50 visitors, the next month was 80 and it increased month by month. Some of the visitors started to ask questions about the projects that I posted. Somehow, I had to expend 30 minutes each day answering e-mails. Today, I'm not sure how many visitors I get, but they are a couple of thousands. So, to answer all e-mails that I receive, it takes a couple of hours.


Not only messages are increasing, the expenses to keep this site alive also are increasing. Right now I have to hold about $100.00 USD each month from my bank account for website expenses, plus the money that I have to expend buying material for more projects. At the beginning, income from advertisement were enough but it gradually decrease.


In a few words: I have to expend time and money for this website.


Others websites sell ideas for Science projects, plans for DIY projects and e-books for "only $14.99 plus S&H". AS you can see on my website, all information is provided for free, also, most of the material is original content, that means, I created it. (Regarless some people are using my ideas to make money directly or indirectly without giving me the credit).


So, the point is:


I need your help to keep this site alive, if you like this site or if the information is helpful, please donate.


I need only $50.00 USD each month to keep this site alive, I will cover the other $50.00 USD needed for the website expenses. The excess money will be donated to The Salvation Army or any other charitable organization.


The donations are done thru PAYPAL. I don't get yout personal information and you can donate ANY amount, even $1 USD is good enough.


Your donation is greatly appreciated.


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