Reset a frozen iPod.

It happens sometimes. With no apparently reason the iPod freezes and needs to be reset. Here is how to do that. (July 30, 2009)


Apple iPod frozen If your iPhoneiPod doesn't do anything or buttons doesn't respond, perhaps you forgot to move the HOLD switch, so before doing anything be sure the HOLD switch is in the off position.


To reset the ipod, press and hold the MENU button and the middle [SELECT] button. Hold both buttons for about 10 seconds.


If it doesn't work the first time, release both buttons and try again.


Apple iPod Classic If you have no luck trying to reset the iPod, you may need to wait until the battery runs out.


I already had this issue twice, if this is a frequent issue you may need to contact Apple for support.


Regarding this issue, some people also indicates:


  • "On most iPods, just toggle the Hold switch about three times. This snaps your iPod out of a minor freeze."
  • "Plugging it into a computer or A/C power outlet can snap an iPod out of a freeze."

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