Diode Circuits

A collection of simple but useful circuits made with silicon diodes. (6/14/2006)


diodes circuits - Dual voltage circuit with silicon diodes Sometimes, the circuit have two sources of power, like solar power and Battery or AC and battery. This simple circuit allows to get power from two sources, this is useful specially when the batteries are not rechargeable.



rectifier diodes half wave and full wave This well-know circuit can be found on any power supply. Even a DC power supply needs a diode to ensure the voltage only flows in one direction. The full wave rectifier provides more current to the circuit.



voltage regulator using silicon diodes Silicon diodes have a reverse voltage of 0.6V or 0.7V approximately. It can be used as voltage regulator to power circuits that doesn't need lots of volts. For example, the circuit at the left that provides 1.2 volts can be used to replace a battery on a circuit.



spike surge protector circuit using silicon diodes This simple circuit protects low-power circuits. Relays generates an inverse voltage when it is turned off. It is called "Auto-indution". It can damage easily any circuit but it can be eliminated with a simple diode connected to the relay terminals.



Voltaje multiplier Silicon diodes and capacitors can be used to multiply AC voltages and get Hi-voltage DC. These circuits are called "Voltage multipliers".


The diodes routes the negative and positive voltages while each capacitor stores the voltage, the stored charge on each capacitor is added because the configuration of the diodes, allowing to multiply the voltage.



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