Computer to TV adapter.

Simple adapter to connect an old computer with CGA video graphics card to any TV. (11/26/2007)


While "cleaning the attic" I found my old CGA video card and the adapter used to connect my computer to the TV. It worked well until I had to get a computer with VGA video.


I know this project is outdated but it will work for anyone that wants to use that old computer at home. (I hope someone have a XT, AT or even a Tandy computer with CGA video card.)


CGA video card This is a CGA video card adapter. It was used to give computers the hability to display graphics and color. Back in that time (about 1989) computer displays were expensive, so I did connect my computer to the TV using an adapter.


Computer to TV adapter. It can be easily build using a DB9 connector and a RCA connector. The circuit is so simple that anyone is able to make it.


simple adapter. Inside the adapter is only two wires. The original circuit had a resisor instead of the green wire, but I decided to connect it directly and I had no problem.


details on computer-to-tv adapter. Basically, just connect the ground (black wire) to the ground to the computer and the video signal from the RCA connector to the pin 2 of the DB9. Use a 220 ohms resistor instead of the green wire.


I hope this information still useful for somebody.


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