Inside a Hard Disk.

Let's find how looks like inside a Hard Disk. (1/15/2008)


Hard Disk If you wonder how a hard drive looks like inside, you are going to find it right now.


A Hard disk or Computer hard drive, is used to store information on the computer. It is called "Hard" because you cannot remove it like a floppy disk or flash drive.


A hard drive doesn't looks like a "disk". It is a "square thing" but when you open it, (Don't try this. It damages the disk if you open it. So I'm doing this for you) you can see the discs inside the HD.


Hard Drive Parts Here are some parts of the hard drive inside of it.


After all, there are discs inside. The mechanism to read and write the disk is included inside the hard drive.


The disk rotates at speeds more than 5,000 revolutions per minute. The heads are mounted at the arm that is moved by the actuator.


The actuator, basically, is a linear motor. It does have a magnet, a really strong neodymium magnet, a coil and the axis, so it moves the head at high speed.


The circuits process the information picked by the heads. (Not show on the photo)


Hard Disk heads This is how the Hard disk heads looks like.


When the Hard disk is not working, the head touches the disk surface, but when it spins, the high-speed makes it to "float".


Head Detail This photo shows one Hard Drive head. The black square is not the head itself. The head is shown in the insert.


If you didn't notice it, that coin is a DIME (10 USD cents) not a quart, so it is smaller that you think.


The square have two "channels" that allow the head to "float" when the disc rotates.


Modern Hard drives uses a smaller head and more plates to reach capacities over 50GB (One gigabyte = 1,000,000,000 bytes)



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