Nikon Coolpix L10 Software glitch

A software "bug" found on Nikon Coolpix L10 cameras and how to solve it. (10/27/2008)


nikon_L10.jpg Nikon L10 Digital Camera What in the world I was thinking? I don't know why I had the bad idea to replace my 2-years old trusty Nikon Coolpix 4600 with a Coolpix L10.


I do remember the day when I went to buy my 4600; I was looking all cameras for a long time, comparing, thinking, going back and forth until I said: "This is the one". I did choose a Nikon 4600 because it had more features, better quality than Kodak, HP or Fuji. Paying $250.00 USD did not bother me because I was getting exactly the camera that I needed.


My 4600 still working fine today, regarless some wear and tear but I had the idea to buy another one just to replace it because I needed to take take photos faster with higher resolution (megapixels).


I did purchased the Nikon L10 in less than 10 minutes. I thought: "The old Nikon worked fine, so I will buy a Nikon".


Big mistake.


Regardless the Coolpix L10 can take photos faster, 5 Megapixels of resolution, 2 inches display, takes video with audio and slim design with a "buy me" price of $100.00 USD, this camera is not betten than my Coolpix 4600. Why? Because the L10 is a "Cheap" camera. Cheap quality, Cheap parts, Cheap software.


After buying the camera I went to Vacations. In the middle of my photo session, the camera just die with the lens out. I thought "Batteries are gone", so I just replaced batteries, checked the battery configuration and cleaned the battery contacts. The camera came back to life.


Five minutes after that, The same thing happen: The camera just died with the lens out, this time I was not able to get the camera to work again. No matter what I tried [I didn't banged it], it didn't work. Fortunately, My honey bun had her camera and saved the day (And my vacations).


I had to go back to the store and get the camera replaces, but guess what? The same thing happen agan with the new one.


I did contacted Nikon about this problem, here is a short tale about the back and forth mails:


"The fact you are describing the camera as turning off, many people have mistaken the recharging of the flash, the 'Auto Off' and the 'Sleep Mode' as issues with the camera itself."


Yeah, I'm so dumb to mistaken the 'Auto Off' and the 'Sleep Mode' with a failure.


I did explain the issue again and here is the second answer from Nikon Tech support:


"The camera should not be shutting off while you are shooting although when using the flash the screen will turn off between shots to allow faster recharging of the flash."


Of course the camera should not be shutting off... but yeah, I'm so dumb to mistake "when using the flash the screen will turn off" as failure.


I did explain the issue for a third time. Here was the answer:


"Are you setting the correct battery type in the cameras menu?" - Yes.


I had to explain the whole issue again. At this time I had to find the solution by myself while Nikon Technical support was giving me crazy explanations, links and repeating again and again about sending the camera to the factory (and paying the shipping and handling).


You can even read over the internet complains about this issue: "i'm getting kinda irritated by all the 'know-it-alls' that keep saying just put in new batteries...i'm having the literally the EXACT same problem you described and believe me...the batteries are NOT the problem. i searched the problem and it seems like a lot of people with this particular camera end up with the same batteries...suddenly you take a picture and all you see is a sillouhette, then the camera automatically shuts itself off with the lens stuck out and no matter what you do there's no hope whatsoever getting the damn thing to turn back on...i'm starting to think that this is just overall a really crappy camera...otherwise if anyone actually DOES find a solution that doesn't suggest new batteries it would really be helpful."


Well, here is what I found (And Nikon deny it): There is a software glitch or "bug" on the Nikon Coolpix L10 Version 1.0 when the camera tries to go in Sleep Mode OR Auto off after a while or when taking photos.


So, if you are taking pictures and let the camera to rest for a while without turning it off, it will die for sure.


After following the next steps, I was able to get my Nikon L10 working for one year without having the same problem. I hope this works for someone else.


nikon_coolpix_L10_menu.jpg First Step Turn on the camera.


Press the MENU button.


Go to the SETUP option and press OK.


nikon_coolpix_L10_autooff.jpg Go to Auto off options Go to the AUTO OFF options and press OK


nikon_coolpix_L10_settings.jpg Turn off the options. Set the AUTO OFF option to the maximum time (30 minutes, it cannot be turned off).


Set the Sleep mode OFF.


Now, the last step is to pray and not to buy another junk again.


Morale: Always do a research before buying a product. If you buy something cheap, you get a cheap product.




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