Popups? Virus? Adware? Get rid of them.

Here is a simple way to kill all these popups, adware, Spyware and virus. (2/19/2006)


I'm sure you know how bad is the situation when your computer gets a virus, spyware, adware and all these ugly things over internet. Also you may notice that some icons or links appears in your desktop or favorites, some of them may be adult-related icons.


Regardless than you are careful and you do not visit certain sites, these malicious codes and scripts somehow reach your computer. You may not notice it, but your computer already contains a code ready to be executed and take control of your computer.


No, It is not your fault. The problem is the software that allows that. I found a easy way to get rid of all these bugs and ugly things that reach the computer. Before I tell you how, let me explain how spyware and things like that works:


First, you get a popup window stating something "interesting" like this:


This is not an actual advertisement, is an example.
This is not an actual advertisement, is an example.


These are not an actual advertisement, just examples.


If you click yes to some of these advertisements, you are allowing to run an script or code that install a program. You may think that you are getting a program to block spam in your e-mail, but the truth is you are receiving a program that allows to receive advertisement, even to send your personal information somewhere on this world.


There is more than actually you may think, according to the WWW, you can find also:


* Malware - a general term for any program that makes changes (does malicious or "bad" things) without your express permission
* Adware - programs designed specifically to deliver unrequested advertising Stealware - specific spyware designed to capture clicks or Web-site referral credits
* Browser hijacker - a malicious program that becomes deeply embedded in your browser's code and core functionality


The easy way that I found to block it, is simply not to use the Internet Explorer. Internet explorer allows to run these codes and scripts, so if there is no Internet Explorer, there is no "ugly things".


... Wait a minute! If there is no Internet Explorer, How I can surf the web?


Just using another web browser. I use FireFox, it works a little faster and is not affected by spyware and adware as IE does.


You can download FireFox for free. Even other browsers like Opera and the new one Google Chrome can help you to avoid getting those nasty things from the Internet.


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