Removing the CD/DVD cover for service.

Instructions and/or basic steps how to remove the CD or DVD drive cover for service. (August 7, 2009)


CD DVD drive Here are the basic steps to open and remove the cover of a CD/DVD drive for service. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer if you are going to follow the instructions here indicated.


Opening the drive The first step is to open the drive, is to open it with a paperclip.


The cover cannot be removed if the CD/DVD drive is closed.


Next step is removing the tray cover. The drive needs to be upside down.


Using a flat screwdriver, pry the bottom of the tray cover and pull it up. See next pictures.


Remove tray cover remove tray cover DVD-CD


Once the tray cover was removed, the front cover of the drive can be also removed. To do that, pry both sides of the CD/DVD drive:


pry both sides of drive removing front cover


Remove screws and the bottom cover Next, remove four screws at the bottom of the CD/DVD drive and remove the metal cover.


If you are doing this, that means you have previous experience about electronics and static electricity cautions. Be sure to read the disclaimer and the CD or DVD drive can be damaged easily further this step.


To remove the top cover, first pry each side of the cover at the back side, then pull the back side up and pull to the front. It may not be easy, be careful enough not to damage any component.


removing cover remove the metal cover


Pull tray To remove the disc tray; pull it until it stops...


pry the tray ... they pry the locks on each side of the tray. After this, you should be able to remove the tray pulling it out.


Now the CD/DVD drive parts are exposed and ready for service. Here are the main parts of the drive:


CD DVD parts


1. Audio out
2. Volume
3. Tray mechanism
4. Emergency eject mechanism
5. Disc Drive
6. Laser pickup assembly
7. Shock absorbers
8. Tracking motor and tracking drive
9. Main Board


align tray To assemble the drive, just follow the steps backwards. Be sure to align the tray with the mechanism before pushing it in.


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