Coke ad: Diet Coke & Sex?

SEX, is a diet coke thing? Subliminal advertisement? Mistake? Decide it by yourself. (2/18/2006)


I don't go to the movies frequently. I like to be in my room watching TV or working on my Web page. Also, I like to create electronics projects. Anyway, this page is not about my hobbies, is about Diet Coke.


By the way, Diet coke is a trademark from the Coca Cola company, blah blah blah... I'm not related to that company in any way, I just drink it sometimes.


As I said, I don't go to the movies frequently but last year, I went to see a movie. Before the movie started, we got some advertisements. One advertisement was "Diet Coke", I think that ad is called "summer" or "sparkle". Here is a picture of the Ad. I'm sure you have seen this ad. (I took the picture from my 7-inch TV, so you can see the pixels in the picture)


Diet coke advertisement from the TV.


At the moment when I saw this Ad at the theater, I had a thought: "Diet coke and sex". WHAT THE H...iccup!!! WHAT WAS THAT????


I may be receiving the call of the nature? Maybe I'm getting old? I'm having hallucinations? I don't know. I'm sure I got the idea watching that Ad, but I was not able to realize if it came watching young ladies skating.


I forgot about that incident and I tried to enjoy the movie. At that time, I didn't paid attention.


Days later, while I was watching TV, an interesting song got my attention. There was the Ad in TV! Somehow, I went to get my camera and I started to take pictures. (I love my camera and the multi-shot function), Here is the multi-shot picture:


Diet coke advertisement from the TV.


After watching the pictures for a while, I didn't see something wrong. Well, the only thing wrong is blurry images and two... big... "disturbances" in the chest of the woman. But that is not good enough to make me to think about sex.


I decided to try again and take pictures at hi-speed to get clear images. I don't know how many days I had to wait. Everyday I was ready to take pictures at any moment. My camera ready and the TV on for some days but I was not lucky.


One day, I was not ready and suddenly, that song came from the TV. Fortunately I got my camera on time and I started to take pictures. Here is the result:


Diet coke advertisement from the TV


WOW! Did you see the message? I'm not talking about the "", that is not a subliminal message. The multi-shot is not fast enough to get the complete message, but look closer, there is something. Specially, look this frame:


Diet coke advertisement from the TV.


One frame does not show the word "sex", but you can see clearly something like "S" just is going away (fading), the letter "E" is clearly show and the letter "X" just started to take shape. Finally I got exactly what I was looking for. How the word "sex" came to me while I was watching the Ad? Simple: I just saw it.


Diet coke advertisement from the TV.


The word "sex" comes in sequence while the sparkling bubbles dance in the sky. As the advertisement says: "SPARKLE, is a diet coke thing". If the sparkle says "sex", the I should assume "SEX, is a diet coke thing"?


Decide it by yourself. Here is the 30-seconds ad, pay attention at 0:20



If you watch the ad again and again, you will be able to see the word "SEX" about three times. Subliminal advertisement?


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