Bad Chinese Food

I'm not sure where is the best chinese food on USA, but I know where is the worst chinese food on the world: China Harbor on San Antonio Texas. (5/23/2007)


I think the Chinese and Mexican food are the best food on this world. I frequently eat chinese food, in fact; I'm expert using chopsticks. I always use chopsticks when eating chinese food and bare hands when eating tacos.


I already ate chinese food on many places, but definitely, I believe I have found the worst chinese food on this world. The place is China Harbor located at 191 SW Military Dr, San Antonio, TX 78221.


China Harbor super buffete I went to this restaurant because a friend said the food is good. Well, not really. Let me show you what I found on this place.


First, I went to this place on or about April 12, 2007. That day, I found many flies in the restaurant. I did consider that disgusting, but I tried no to eat the food close to the flies... Anyway, flies were flying around the restaurant. I did complain about it to the restaurant manager. Can you guess what he did to solve this situation?


flies on the food NOTHING. He said " nothing I can do. A guy left the door open for 20 minutes, flies came inside...". What a moron! I wonder how is possible he is the manager of the place.


He clearly said: "I'm not going to do anything because is nothing I can do. I can't send anyone to catch of kill the flies".


That day I took the photo of the place and the flies on the food. The light at the restaurant is not bright enough and the left photo is the only one clear enough. I guess they are using soft light so you can't see what are you eating.


Somehow, I did let it go. I paid for the food and I did nothing, I said nothing else. I really let it go.


Today, I had the bad idea to go back to that place. I only saw a fly and I thought that is not too bad, but when I was eating "shimp patty" I found something interesting on my plate.


hair on my food chinese hair in my food.


Please no one tell me "that is a pubic hair". This is disgusting. I think I'm going to throw up just to think about the moment when I saw it on my plate.


I did call the manager to tell him about how unpleasant was the flies one month ago and how disgusting is to find hair on my food. His answer: "Just pay for the food"


What a idiot! He was asking to pay for the disgusting food. I didn't throw up on his face because I was mad enough to walk out of the place. He should thank me that I didn't call the health department [yet].


Buffet restaurants are not hygienic because everyone touches the utensils, and sometimes the food. I do remember my ex-wife always cover her mouth with her hand when coughing and use the same hand to handle the utensils at buffet restaurants. I don't even want to talk about kids playing with the food on the restaurant. Corrected, Thanks DT! ... It wasn't crack, it was the poison from the chinese food.


The worst chinese food. After I leaved the place, I took the last photo of that restaurant. I think this is the last time I see that place.


Anyway, I do believe the worst [and disgusting] chinese food on this world can be found at "Super buffet China Harbor" located at 191 SW Military Dr. San Antonio, TX.


Dang! I'm hungry but I feel really sick just to thing about it. I do apologize if the images are disgusting.




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