Cheap products are expensive.

Trying to save money buying cheap products? Sometimes, buying cheap products makes you to expend more money. (2/18/2006)


You may not believe it, but when I'm not eating fast food, I go to buy some groceries and cook my own food.


I'm not an expert, but at least I'm able to fix some "good" meals. Please understand that "good meals" means: "Something that does not moves and is edible."


Some stores sells their products under they own brands. Usually, the price is cheaper than the original one. Here is a good example: Chicken patties.


chicken Patties


The left picture shows the store brand. The right one is... well, the expensive brand.


If you look closer, the store brand have a net wt of 13.5 oz (382 g) and the expensive one have a net wt of 16 oz (456 g).


Here is the purchase receipt:


purchase receipt


The expensive brand (the right one) is $2.33 USD, The store brand is only $2.24 USD.


Let's do a little math. The cheap one is $2.24 divided by 13.5 oz is equal to... hmm.. (Dang! I should pay more attention to the math class)... hmmmm.... Ok, let's use the calculator... Is equal to 16.592 cents per OZ.


The expensive one have a price of $2.34 divided by 16 oz, that means, is equal to 14.625 cents per OZ.


As you can see, you are paying more for the same product (but different brand). About the quality, I don't know, both brands taste good (at least for me), but definitely I will not buy the store brand, I get less product and I pay more.


If you look in the "Daily Value Table" as I do, don't be fooled with the numbers. You may say "The store brand have less fat, I take it!"


daily values table from the product.


It will shows that have less fat because is less product.


I'm not telling you to buy the "brand" products, just to pay little attention to the price and content of the product. Cheap products may not be cheap.


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