Checkers: Pepper Jack Double Cheeseburger.

It taste a little bit different. Regardless it doesn't have lettuce, this sandwich is not too bad. (4/6/2006)


First, I have to repeat; "Checkers", "Pepper Jack Double Cheeseburger" are owned by Checkers Drive-in restaurants, inc, etc etc etc. All trademarks, brands and logos about this product are owned by Checkers.


Second, The taste of this one is quite different. The flavor is a little strong but I can say; is good. The advertisement for this sandwich is another computer-creation, so the real meal looks different. Here is the picture of the advertisement:


Checkers hamburger


Here is the sandwich that I got:


Checkers hamburger


Looks like my sandwich have another kind of cheese. Is that the "pepperjack" cheese? The picture shows a yellow one. Whatever, at this point, I can't complaint. I already ate that sandwich.


Here is a picture inside of the sandwich:


Checkers hamburger


Lots of mayonnaise, fat and cholesterol... Yummy! The picture of the advertisement shows lots of onion and others ingredients but the real meal it hardly appears to have these ingredients.


I qualify this hamburger with...
Presentation: 8 of 10
Flavor: 8 of 10
Freshness: 8 of 10
Size: 8 of 10
Average: 8 of 10


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