Checkers: Spicy Chicken sandwich.

I will say only one thing about this one: Is good.


I will not deny about how good this one was, but the Spicy chicken sandwiches from Checkers is the best one that I ever tasted, also, it almost looks like the advertisement... "almost".


Here is a picture of the advertisement (left) and here is the picture of the sandwich that I got: (right)


As you can see, the advertisement shows the sandwich have a big piece of chicken and lots of lettuce. Unfortunately, the real meal is not exactly as advertised.


If you look closer, the fish sandwich and the chicken sandwiches are similar. I'm not talking about the price, I'm talking about the bun, lettuce and meat are almost identical. Pay attention to the bun in both sandwiches. Can you see the bun in both sandwiches are the same? And the lettuce is the same in both ones?


Of course, the didn't fix a real sandwich to create the advertisement, they just took pieces of another picture to "assemble" the sandwich for the advertisement. I guess that is the reason why the real meal is not as it was advertised.


Anyway, To be honest, I like this one, taste good and is just spicy as it should be. Here is the picture of the sandwich inside:



This sandwich is good. Not perfect, just good.


I qualify this sandwich with...
Presentation: 6 of 10
Flavor: 10 of 10
Freshness: 8 of 10
Size: 8 of 10
Average: 8 of 10



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