Cici's Pizza VS Stevi B's Pizza

Two places to eat pizza buffet: Cici's Pizza and Stevi B's Pizza. The price, the quality and some facts. Updated: Nov 21, 2006


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I found a possible reason why Cici's pizza is doing false advertisement. Check this photo:


False Ad from Cici


As you can see, the False advertisement from Cici's pizza is just right in front of Stevi B's Pizza. I believe the false advertisement is just an effort to get customers out of Stevi B's place.


I decided to compare both pizza. Here are the results:


I went to Cici's Pizza, I asked to get the "Pizza Buffet" to go. The lady gave me a huge box an a container. I asked how many slices I can get; she said: "five". I paid $4.29 USD plus tax (of course, it should be $3.99) and I went to get my five slices of pizza. I did put as much salad I was able to into the container.


Price of the Buffet Pizza. At Stevi B, The lady gave me a medium box, she said: "Six slices of pizza". - "That is better than Cici's" - I told her. I paid $4.99 USD.


The Pizza boxes Here is the Box that I got from Cici's, the right one is the box from Stevi B's - You can see the Cici's box is huge, you may think: "Wow, a lot of pizza for only $4.29 regardless the false advertisement."


Well... Not really. Having a huge box doesn't mean you can fill it.


Slices inside the box As you can see, there is more pizza at the Stevi's box. Cici's only allows five slices and these slices are thinner than Stevi B's pizza. Cici's pizza doesn't use much ingredients as Stevi B's.


Side to side comparison. This photo shows one slice of "BBQ pizza" from Stevi B's and Cici's


As you can see, Stevi B's makes the pizza slightly bigger than Cici's. There is more cheese and little more ingredients than Cici's pizza.


Regarding the flavor, Both taste good but Cici's have less ingredients. I can eat up to 16 slices of Cici's pizza and only 10 slices of Stevi B's pizza.


The bread on the Cici's pizza is hard and sometimes crusty. The bread on Stevi B's pizza is soft.


The flavor is different as they use different ingredients, so is hard to say which one is better than the other. I believe (my opinion) Stevi B's uses fresh ingredients than Cici's. I don't have a supporting evidence for that.



You are the one that can decide which one is the best one.




Nov 21, 2006 - Porchia from Augusta, GA wrote:


"In reference to Cici's Pizza vs. Stevi B's.. Cici's Pizza wasn't really false advertising.. We had just changed our prices and haven't had the chance to change the sign. If you go there now, you will see that we've changed the prices. And we must have ran out of medium boxes b/c we were supposed to give you a medium box, and you have a choice between 5 slices and a salad or 6 slices for $4.29 instead of 6 slices and a salad for $4.99.. you may as well purchased the buffet.. that's just my opinion.


I'm not saying anything bad on Stevi B's b/c I've never ate there, but I think you went to Cici's Pizza on the wrong day. Sorry! "



Jose's note:


I'm impressed about the message received from Porchia. If you notice, I didn't wrote the location, you can barely see the Sign and it doesn't have the City and State. I never mentioned anywhere where I do live. So, I do believe they care about it. Anyway, I never went back to Cici's after this incident.


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