Awful Inventions

The plan is perfect! No room for failure. I have everything t... BOOM! (11/10/2008)


It happens many times: "something has gone awry in our plans!". I'm not the only one with some failures. Here are a few epic failures.


Nunchaku How to make a NUNCHAKU!


Two wooden rods plus string equals to...


Broken window.


Immediate results!

Dehydrated Water The best invention ever.


Dehydrated water!


Just add water!

Paper Plane Jet How to make a Paper plane turbojet:


First, make Build a Paperplane


Next, apply some fire...


Paper plane - 5 minutes later 10 minutes later, you have no home.

This invention looks like an ordinary car door, nothing special. Nothing special at all...


... but, BEHOLD!


Ordinary Car Door


A detachable gun and it can shoot real bullets!!! BANG! BANG BANG!
A Homemade Surface-air Missile
Warning: against the law in some places.


Homemade Surface-air missile


The plans were flawless on paper, but here is the reality.


The reality about the homemade missile


Do you have a great invention that didn't work?


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