No kidding, anyone can grown furniture! (11/06/2008)


www.grown-furniture.co.uk Aware of environmental problems, Chris Cattle was looking for ways to produce furniture which used less energy. In the late 1970s, He got the idea about training and grafting trees to shape as they grew might work. He proved that it could be done. He call it 'grownup' furniture as it's the result of mature thinking.


Growing a furniture Growing furniture isn't going to save the planet, but it can show that it's possible to create genuinely useful things without adding to the pollution that industry inevitably seems to produce. Trees are self-generating, and the only energy needed is that which the sun provides worldwide. It's free and it's non-polluting. Training and grafting trees are established traditional crafts, and wood is durable but it's also biodegradable. So when a wooden object is no longer wanted, it doesn't have to end up in a hole in the ground. So let's do whatever we can to encourage the revival of such simple and ecologically sound methods, and to promote and encourage new thought along these lines.


No doubt about this is a great project and fun, regarless it takes a while to grow the furniture, but, anyone [including kids] can make furniture on this way!


Link: http://www.grown-furniture.co.uk


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