Not an automata but this little fan is a "cool" project for hot days. (10/24/2008)


Lego Fan Not really a big and awesome project but I got the idea to build a working fan last summer. Using some Legos and parts from Mindstorms RCX, I built this fan that works. It provides some air good enoug for hot days. Regardless it is not safe to operate as parts can fly away, it was a fun project to watch when working (using safety googles).


Basically, the RCX is used only to provide power. A program can be done to control the speed of the fan, but I didn't even tried to. I just needed some air. I believe using some solar cells will make this fan a neat project.


Lego Fan Detail The way it works is simple: The power from the RCX drives the motor (it comes from the Mindstorms set or from Lego Technics), the motor rotates the big pulley and drives the small pulley, it increases the speed of the rotation, therefore the fan rotates and pushes the air.


As I said before, this is not safe to operate or build as parts can fly away and poke someone's eye or your own one. Also there is no protection or safety circuit, so it will work regardless there is a failure. Do not build this project, this posting is just to show you how I made my own Lego Fan.


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