Make Mexican Paper Decorations.

This is a simple and interesting paper decoration. Just a few paper sheets, folds, cut and you get an almost-free awesome decoration. (8/3/2007)


teresitas - Mexican paper decorations. I can't believe how expensive are all those paper decorations at the party stores. Why not have some fun and make your own paper decorations?


My mother taught me how to make this paper craft. I'm not sure how she learned to make it. I think she is the inventor of this decoration as no one else makes it. I don't even know the name of this Mexican paper craft, so I will call it Teresitas, in her honor.


paper sheet To make one Teresita, just get a paper sheet. You can use any color, even origami paper is perfect for it. I'm using a regular white paper bond to make it more visible on the instructions, but I really recommend you to use lots of color paper...


... Before doing this project, read and understand the disclaimer located at the main page.


You only need some paper, tape and scissors.


First, fold the paper to make a square as the photo shows.


cut the paper Cut the paper, so you can get the squared paper.


Before cutting it, let me tell you a silly story:


Once upon a time, there was a super hero called moron. He tried to make a Teresita, but because he was not safe and careful enough, he did hurt himself.


So... Don't be a super moron.


fold the paper Fold the paper, so the top corner meets the right corner.


fold again Fold the paper again, so the left corner meets the right one.


cut Now, using scissors cut the folded paper as the photo shows.


Ready Once I finish to cut the folded paper, it looks like this.


open it. Unfold the paper carefully and you should get something like the photo shows. Basically, your Teresita is ready. Just put tape on the center and hang it anywhere:
hang it!


Is not that cool? Anyone that sees it will say: "Cool! Did you make it? How do you do that?"


You can even make one using a sticky note and use it as "bow" for a gift, it really looks interesting... even a kid said "cool, an spiderman net".


decorate your back yard But don't just make one, let your imagination fly and make a chain, Decorate your backyard!


Decorate your windows!


Yes! Decorate you Trash cans!
trash cans


Decorate your Bicycle!


Basically, decorate everything with it, your dog, your cat, your school... Anything.


I will love to see photos of your own teresitas paper decoration.



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