Bush is leaving.

After eight years, George W. Bush is leaving. Let's enjoy that moment. (11/27/2008)


I doesn't mean I enjoy it, but yes! I do enjoy it! Can you imagine that moment when George W. Bush is leaving the presidency? Let's imagine that moment...


Obama has my keys. "Oh, wait... Obama has my keys!".


Haircut, suit and priceless. Haircut: $20.00 USD


Suit: $120.00 USD


Making a fool out of yourself:




Going... Going... Going...






Eight years Eight years...


... in a nutshell.


Ok, Ok.. I m leaving! "OK, OK! I'M LEAVING!"


... JEEZ.


Yes, I shall go down in history "Yes, I shall go down in history as the man who couldn't open a door."


Electric door. The electric door handle scores its first victim.


Did I leave the... "Wait...


DId I leave the stove on?"


Exits Exits...


... never were graceful.



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