Cat Carrier.

Feline Transportation system. (11/7/2005)


I guess the guy that sent me this e-mail doesn't love cats, but it looks perfect to transport some cats.


(I'm so sorry Ms. Brown.)


Cat Carrier - Feline Transportation system.



If you can't see the picture, it says:


Whether you have an exuberant "Tom" or just a kitten, you need our new TABBY TOTE(R) feline transportation system. A few extra turns of the stabilizer screw and your cat will be safely secured and usable to use your legs as a scratching post.


Fully Adjustable spine will accomodate a pet of any size. ONLY $16.49 Available in fine stores everywhere.


Dr. Maimes Dobson of Focus on the Feline, asserts that sometimes your kitty needs "tough love", and nothing on the market today provides a more effective way to mold your special cat into the well-mannered creature God intended.


Seriously, someone really hates cats.


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