Coke AM Radio

My "collectible" Coke AM radio. (11/23/2007)


small coke AM radio Back in the 80's, Coca Cola or Coke was selling AM radios. I was able to get some but, today, I found one while cleaning the attic.


This Coke AM Radio is so tiny that, an AA battery is slightly smaller that it. The weight is just about 9 grams and uses headphones (not show in the picture) to listen the AM radio statios.


audio jack The radio uses mono headphones, a mini-jack is on the side of the bottle. It is made completely of plastic and acrylic. The volume of the sound depends of the power from the transmitter. It doesn't have a volume control.


station selector - tunning At the other side, you can find the tunning. It covers all the AM range. While changing it, doesn't stop. I mean, there was no "end of the frecuencies", so you can keep changing in one direction again and again without knowing what is the first or the last station. Is hard to find your favorite station unless you know it very well.


radio coke battery The battery used is a simple 1.5 volts button battery. I don't remember the number or the code of the battery.


I guess inside of the bottle there is a simple transistor or fet to pick up and amplify the signal. I'm NOT going to open this one to find it.


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