Cool Math tricks.

Who said math is not fun? Here are some cool videos showing math tricks and math-related. (7/20/2007)


MrLouisman created a simple method to work out complex multiplications with a simple grid pattern on paper. It works remarkably well. I have to to try this!




Luisgemelli teach us how to multiply numbers by means of drawing. You only have to draw circles and lines following an easy method. Try to do it by yourself with another numbers and you will see that it is a straightforward method. Using this method even a 6 yrs old kid can multiply! Check it out! [I believe this is called "Vedic Mathematics"]




Here is the method to multiply numbers easily using Vedic Mathematics [by Shailyvipul]




So, do you think you know math? (You may need to click pause sometimes to review each math problem)



I told you. Math is FUN.


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