Craters on Earth.

Some craters that I found on the earth. (9/3/2006)


My fascination for craters began when I "discovered" the rabbit on the moon is made by craters and impacts. I was not able to see the craters of the moon by myself until one year ago when I purchased a camera with enough zoom to see details on the moon.


Here is a low-resolution photo of the moon that I got on 2005 and some of the huge craters indicated.



I do remember when I was kid, had a really good time breaking and examining rocks. Finding a rock with quartz, for me, it was a huge treasure, almost equivalent to find gold. Also, I frecuently found rocks with fossils (sea shells and other marine creatures). I was not interested about fossils because they where everywhere. Somehow, I concluded that place was under water.


I wasn't wrong... almost.


I born on Merida Yucatan, Mexico. (Better know as the mayan land). At school, I was told the dinosaurs were killed by a huge meteor that impacted the earth 65 millions of years ago. Later, I heard on the news the Chicxulub crater is the evidence of that meteor. Where is the Chicxulub crater ? well, exactly the same place where I born. Here is the photo of the Yucatan peninsula and the highly eroded evidence of the crater.


Chicxulub crater


Satelite photo from Google Maps.


The yellow circle shows the size of the crater. Pay attention and you will be able to see the subtle change of color showing the evidence of the crater. The red "x" shows the place where I born.


Using the satelite photos on Google Maps, I am able to find lots of craters. According to some web pages, here are the documented craters on earth:





Here is the Satellite Map and the location that I believe, are craters:



1. Teresa Crater



I call the first one: "Teresa Crater" it show a perfectly circular edge. One of the edges was erased by the movement on the ground caused by the erosion of the river close to it. That is the main reason why are not visible clearly as is on the moon. The water, wind and earthquakes erases the evidence of crater impacts on earth.


2. Emy Lakes


Close to the Teresa Crater, you can find a place that I call "The Emy Lakes". Those lakes were form by a multiple diagonal impact to the earth. Maybe the meteor just dessintegrated on the air and only "small" pieces hit the ground or the meteor hit the earth and the fragments bouced causing secondary impacts. Here is the photo of the Emy Lakes.



As you can see, those lakes are perfectly aligned, so, there was a huge multiple impact. The Kembly and Stefany lakes are more than five miles long.



Maria Crater.


china_crater.JPG Another interesting place is China. Close to China, to be exact; on Tajikistan, there is the crater Kara-Kul. It is less than 5 million of years old and have a diameter of 52 km. I believe, close to it, there is another impact crater.


This one is so huge. I wonder why no one pay attention to it. I really believe this is a impact crater. Looks like it is full of sand, like a desert. I believe it is/are Takla Makan desert.


By the way, there is no supporting evidence for this article.


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