My Metal Detector.

How much fun is to have a Metal detector? Is a lot of fun! I did purchase a cheap one and I went to the backyard to find lots of treasures. Let's see how many treasures I found. (4/26/2007)


I don't even remember how much I paid for my metal detector, I think it was about $65.00 USD. It was made in China, is not a fancy one, but at least it will satisfy my curiosity about having one.


The Metal detector that I got have a power/volume control and "discriminator". Instructions are not really clear, so I just put some batteries on it and I went to the backyard. Without any knowledge how to use it, I started to follow the "buuzzzzz wheeeeoooo bzzzzzzzzz wheeeeeeeeeeeeee" sounds coming from the metal detector.


Once I located the spot where the sound changes, I started to dig, "I'm rich, I'm rich" I though.


rusted nail


Dang! I found a rusted nail. That is not treasure unless Abraham Lincoln used it to build a home. Oh well... Let's see what I can find.


"buuzzzzz wheeeeoooo bzzzzzzzzz wheeeeeeeeeeeeee".




"I'm rich, I'm ri.... DANG! I'm not rich! this is a screw!."


"buuzzzzz wheeeeoooo bzzzzzzzzz wheeeeeeeeeeeeee".


aluminium thing.


Hmmm... I will be rich if the aluminium is expensier than diamonds but it is not. I'm not rich. let's see what else I can find.



DANG! What the heck? Another nail. Iron nails grows on the lawn??? I think there is no treasure here...


"buuzzzzz wheeeeoooo bzzzzzzzzz wheeeeeeeeeeeeee".




A Pecan??? It may containg lots of iron because it was detected by the Metal detector. Not a lucky day to find treasures... Let's keep moving...




coke cap or coke ring


"A Ring! I'm rich! I'm ri... what? I'm a foul!" This is an aluminium cap from coke cans.




What is this junk? "OMG! It is a dime! I'm Rich! I'M RICH! MOM, I'M RICH!" - Finally, a coin. Just 10 USD cents, but at last I found something with value. Let's see what else I can find.


"wheeeeeoooeeeeooeeee wheee... bzzzzzzz..."




A rock? How a metal detector can find a rock? Well, I guess it have iron on it. A meteor maybe? who knows. Looks like junk to me.


At the end of the day, I was not rich. If you don't believe me, looks how wealthy I am:



A dime, two aluminium pieces, a nail with a plastic hook and a rock with iron. All maybe worth of $0.12 USD.


Anyway, using the metal detector is really a lot of fun, exercise, and it helps to lowers the stress from everyday work. This experience helped me to learn how to use it and start the Metal detecting hobbie.


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