Discovering Lego Mindstorms.

More than a toy, Lego Mindstorms is the perfect tool for a creative brain.


Finally, on January 2006, I was able to buy my own Lego(r) Mindstorms(tm). This expensive "toy" is more than a simple toy, is a tool to create and discover mechanics. It contains many building blocks, gears, axles and some parts that I can't even figure the name.


I love robots, I tried to have one since I was a kid. When I was 12 years old, I tried to build one using some motors and small lightbulbs. Of course, I was not able to make it. The desire to build one was always in my mind but the main problem is the knowledge and parts.


After I had the knowledge of electronics, I was not able to build it because I have no idea about mechanics.


Lego Mindstorms is perfect to begin building robots. It have an easy-to-program "brain" called RCX. Is so easy that in just one day I learned how to program it.


RCX or CPU. This is the brain of the robot.


The hard part is the mechanics. Looking at some pictures of robots, you may think "is easy to build" but is not. I guess some knowledge about mechanics is needed to create all kind of machines using Lego.


As soon I opened the box, I started to build robots (without programming the RCX, I was so excited!)


Lego Mindstorms parts


After two or three hours "building", I was able to create my first robot. It was a toy car that go forward unless hit something. When the bumper detects an obstacle, the car go back, turn and continues to go forward to another direction.


Here is my first creation using Lego Mindstorms.


After I built the first robot, I was creating other machines like crazy, but I got frustrated and I decided to follow the manual. Well... Is not a manual is a "constructopedia". There is only a few tips to build robots and gives examples how to build many types of robots.


The CD included have more examples and challenges. Before I can build these robots, I decided to get some knowledge and practice mechanics. Believe me, is not easy to build a robot without knowledge about mechanics.


Here is an small movie (avi) that shows my first robot. First Robot


As soon I learn more about building robots, I will post more pictures and ideas.


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