Trying to build a "Robot"

After I sucessfully built the first one, I tried to build a second one. (Jan 2006)


The first "robot" was easy to build because I followed the easy instructions in the "constructopedia". I was thinking "This is so easy, I can do it with my eyes closed".


I wasn't easy. Regardless that it looks easy, is hard to put the pieces together and figure how to make it work. Most of the time the gears doesn't match with the holes or some gears doesn't fit exactly in the mechanism.


Anyway, nothing is better than "trial and error", so I got some wheels and started to build.


I can


I decided to build a simple "robot" with wheels and one motor. In a few seconds I was able to build the frame. (It takes longer to find the part than put it together.)


simple Lego frame simple mechanism for the lego robot.


I decided to use bigger weels, so I replace both rear wheels. The gears are a simple "Crown gear" and a small gear. As this "robot" can't turn, I decided to put a bumper sensor. The RCX was programmed to turn the motor on (forward) and stop the motor when the bumper touch anything.


Lego Sensor used as bumper.


Finally, I mounted the RCX, the motor and the sensor. The sensors are connected at the gray connectors in the RCX, the black connectors are output ports.


My second robot created with Lego Mindstorms.


It worked fine. When the RCX is turned on, the "robot" (I should call it "the car") goes forward and stop when it detects an obstacle. The next challenge was to make it turn right when it goes backwards with one motor, instead of stopping the motor.


Building the second Lego robot was a good experience. I hope I will be able to replicate the first robot using only one motor. I know it will not be easy, but I am decided to try it.


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