Burger King: Angus Steak Burger.

Finally I found why the advertisement shows "The Dr. Angus". (4/12/2006)


I'm not going to make it a long story, but before saying anything, "Angus steak burger", BURGER KING®, BK® and related trademarks and logos are owned by Burger King Corporation and/or its wholly owned subsidiary, Burger King Brands, Inc. etc, etc, etc.


I purchased the famous "Angus steak burger" last night and I had the worst stupid idea on this world: I ate it. Last night and this morning I was sick! Finally I figured the role of "Doctor Angus" with this product: YOU MAY GET SICK AFTER EATING IT AND YOU MAY NEED A DOCTOR!


Anyway, here are the pictures of the hamburger. The left one is the advertised, The right one is the real meal:



My stomach hate me for sure because I ate it. Seriously, I feel like I put in risk my health just to show this miserable sandwich. I may need to buy the sandwich and throw it away. Let's see what is inside this sandwich.



by the way, someone knows how to contact the Doctor Angus? I think I will send him some hate mail...


... nahhhh, I should go to visit a real doctor.


I qualify this hamburger with...
Presentation: 5 of 10
Flavor: 6 of 10
Freshness: 2 of 10
Size: 6 of 10
Average: 4.75 of 10




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