Burger King: Whopper.

The "huge" whopper from Burger King. The fantasy and the reality. (02/15/2006)


Another day, another meal. Advertisement never shows the real meal, It only shows the "fantasy". I have the perfect example to demonstrate it.


I went to Burger King when I was in a hurry and I had no time to eat lunch, so I decided to get a hamburger. I was lucky that day because there was a deal "2 whoppers for $5.95", so I decided to buy it. Just look that giant-size hamburgers, the size of that whoppers are about three timer bigger than a drink.


The fantasy: Two huge whoppers from Burger king. False advertisement


Wow ! I can buy two of them and I will have food for two weeks! These hamburgers are huge!


I paid $5.95 plus tax for these "giant" hamburgers and wait until these are ready. When my "super-jumbo" hamburgers were ready, a guy went to take it. I was looking at him trying to tell him to get away from my "super-big" hamburgers. (The "DUH!" look) If you don't know how is the "DUH!" look, just do something embarrassing and see how the people looks at you.


After he realized his mistake, his walked away from “super-duper-huge” meal. In that moment, the fantasy just disappeared and the cruel reality appeared: My “huge-super-hyper-big” hamburgers were just two miserable sandwiches. Here is the picture:


the miserable whopper sandwich from Burger king.


Well… what I can say… My sandwiches doesn’t look like the ones in the picture, my sandwiches are just… miserable. When I looked inside the sandwich, I was disappointed at all. (Just imagine to hear a scream when I open the sandwich, like a scream in a horror movie).


The inside of the sandwich. You can imagine a scream like the one that you hear in horror movies.


As I was in a hurry, I was not able to complaint, anyway, I was hungry, so I verified that nothing in my sandwich moves and nothing still alive before eating it.


The worst thing was that these sandwiches made me sick. For each 3 Burger King sandwiches, one of them makes me sick.


I qualify this hamburger with...
Presentation: 5 of 10
Flavor: 7 of 10
Freshness: 7 of 10
Size: 2 of 10
Average: 6.5 of 10


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