Checkers: Checkersburger.

Another "huge" hamburger that is not huge as the advertisement shows. (2/21/2006)


The Checkerburger is rated as "the best in flavor and price" in some web pages, but to be honest, is one of the smallest hamburgers from fast-food restaurants. As usual, the advertisement shows the sandwich bigger than the fries and almost tall as the drink, but the reality is: The sandwich is small as the small fries.


Here you can see the picture of the advertisement (at the left) and the picture of the hamburger that I got (right picture) after buying the combo meal.


Checkerburger Checkerburger one of the smallest sandwiches.


Here is a close up of the sandwich:


Checkerburger one of the smallest sandwiches.


Do you wonder what is inside of this sandwich? Me too. So I took apart the bun and... lets see...


Checkerburger one of the smallest sandwiches.


I can see the tomato, some lettuce... Holly cow!... What is that? That is the meat? I guess that is the meat, there is a lot of mayonnaise, some ketchup, also I can see an UFO (Unidentified "Food" Object) and some items missing.


The advertisement shows something like onion but I found no onion. I went to the checkers web page to find the ingredientes, but the web page does not provide too much information. In fact, they don't let you to visit the web page if you don't have the macromedia flash installed. Anyway, this page is not about their web page.


About the fries, I throw it away. It was so salty that I was not able to eat it. The fries made me so thirsty and my drink was 80% ice and 15% beverage, the other 5% was only bubbles. Of course, this numbers are approximates.


While I was doing a research about this hamburguers, I found something interesting in the advertisement. Definitely Checkers have the most non-real information in their advertisement.


I will explain that later.


I qualify this hamburger with...
Presentation: 7 of 10
Flavor: 8 of 10
Freshness: 8 of 10
Size: 6 of 10
Average: 7.25 of 10


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