Cici's Pizza False Advertisement.

The false advertisement that Cici's pizza does have to attract customers. They don't care about it regardless it is illegal. Updated: Nov 21, 2006 - Received a message regarding this issue.


Porchia from Augusta, GA wrote:


"In reference to Cici's Pizza vs. Stevi B's ... Cici's Pizza wasn't really false advertising. We had just changed our prices and haven't had the chance to change the sign. If you go there now, you will see that we've changed the prices. And we must have ran out of medium boxes b/c we were supposed to give you a medium box, and you have a choice between 5 slices and a salad or 6 slices for $4.29 instead of 6 slices and a salad for $4.99.. you may as well purchased the buffet.. that's just my opinion.


I'm not saying anything bad on Stevi B's b/c I've never ate there, but I think you went to Cici's Pizza on the wrong day. Sorry! "




In regards to: (Originally posted at 10/1/2006)


I went to Cici's Pizza for first time on or about May 2005. I was glad to find a place where I can eat pizza and choose many different types of flavor. After one year and half, I have another opinion.


Right now, you can see on TV the false advertisement about "buffet pizza for only $3.99 (UDS)" showing the proud founder of Cici's with his [cynical?] smile.


Joe Croce (the founder) opened the first CiCi's Pizza in Plano, Texas in 1985 with a unique vision: create a family-oriented restaurant that serves hot, fresh pizza at affordable prices in a buffet setting.


Unfortunately, that is not what you find on a Cici's Restaurant. The pizza most of the time is not hot, the price is false and the "buffet setting" is bad. Many times I had to request to get more pizza. As their pizza cointains only a few (and little) ingredients, anyone can eat easily 12 to 16 slices, so they run out of pizza frecuently.


Anyway, I will post photos of their pizza and from other places, but right now, I'm dissapointed of the false advertisement that Cici's pizza is displaying everywhere.


Here is one photo of the advertisement:



Here is price of the buffet at the restaurant:



As you can see, the advertisement indicates "all you can eat for $3.99 (USD)" but the restaurant charges $4.29 USD.


When I complained with the employee, I was told to speak with the manager. When I complained with the manager, she said: "Yes sir, we know about it, the customers complaint about it, and even the corporate office know about it but they don't change it."


So, the corporate office of Cici's knows about it but they don't care regardless it is illegal.


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