Firehouse: Engineer Sub.

Lots of meat and flavor on this Sub. For me, this is the #1. (4/2/2006)


Firehouse subs is not a nationwide restaurant chain. They are located only at the southeast of USA. I don't remember the firt time when I tried these sandwiches but since the first time I was addicted to firehouse subs.


Regardless the sandwich doesn't looks like the picture, inside I can find a lot of meat. This sandwich is soo good, I eat the full 12 inches sandwich.


Here is the picture of the advertisement and the right one is the sandwich that I got. Please note the left one is a 6 inches sub.



I'm not sure how much meat is inside the sandwich but is enough to make this sandwich a "dream". Unfortunately, the meat is not as much as it shows the advertisement.


Here is a picture of the sandwich showing what is inside:



I wish, someday, Firehouse Subs will be anywhere in the USA so I can eat it anywhere, at any time. I like it because the flavor comes from the meat and the vegetables, not from the fat as other products from fast-food restaurants.


I qualify this Sub with...
Presentation: 8 of 10
Flavor: 10 of 10
Freshness: 9 of 10
Size: 9 of 10
Average: 9 of 10



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