KFC: Fun With KFC Products!

A funny way to play with KFC sandwiches. (10/31/2005)


I was thinking about my complain regarding KFC sandwiches. I should take it easy. Maybe KFC wants us to have fun, so here are two games with KFC sandwiches. Believe me, you can have lots of fun with KFC!


Here is how it works:


After buying a sandwich, find the TEN DIFFERENCES! According to KFC, this pictures are identical, so you may take some time to find the differences. Can you find the 10 differences?


KFC snacker sandwich. The real kfc snacker sandwich.



Hard to find the differences? Well, I guess you need a easy game. Here is another (easier) game with KFC sandwiches.


I name this game "FIND IT!". I will tell you what to look for, and you have 10 seconds to give me the answer. Ready?


The real kfc snacker sandwich.


You have ten seconds, for each item, to find:


* Where is the chicken meat?
* Where is the lettuce?
* Where is bun? (Are you sure THAT is a bun?)
* Where are the Sesame seeds?


Is not that FUN? Also, You can try to count the sesame seeds and you get extra fun! I'M LOVING IT! (ooops... that expression is from another fast-food chain. I should not say it.)


Who needs the "happy meal" or "Kids meal" to have fun?


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