KFC: Snacker.

The real "Snacker" sandwich from Kentucky Fried Chicken. (10/30/2005)


Today, I went to eat some chicken. I guess the better place to eat some fried chicken is KFC. However, not always everything is good as it looks.


The KFC restaurant does not accept credit card, so I went to get some cash. It doesn't bother me.


I was waiting for 12 minutes until I got some attention. It doesn't bother me.


The fact that the cashier took my money and verified if the bill is not counterfeit, doesn't bother me.


My fried potatoes were not ready, so I had to wait another five minutes. It doesn't bother me.


The only problem that bothers me, is the sandwich that I got. The picture at the restaurant shows the "Snacker" sandwich is three times bigger than the small cup and about 7 times bigger than the fried potatoes. Here is the picture of the "Snacker sandwich" I purchased:


Kentucky Fried Chicken - Snacker Sandwich




Kentucky Fried Chicken - The real Snacker Sandwich


The name "Snacker" is perfect because this sandwich is just a snack. I found the chicken inside the sandwich after a while. About the lettuce... don't ask me. I guess if you pay attention to the picture, you may see it.


Also, you can have fun with KFC products.


I qualify this "thing" with...
Presentation: 2 of 10
Flavor: 6 of 10
Freshness: 3 of 10
Size: 4 of 10
Average: 3.75 of 10



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