Mission: Concepcion. TX

The oldest original stone church is part of the "Mission Nuestra Señora de la Purisima Concepción de Acuña". With beautiful paintings (frescos), this mission is enduring time and elements for 250 years. (4/24/2007)


If I need to describe this Mission with only one word, I will say: Beautiful.



This mission, as the other, served as religious center. Missionaries provided much more than spiritual guidance. They instructed inhabitants to function as a European community. Missions life gave rise to the unique culture of modern-day South Texas.


The arrival of Europeans to America, brought devastating diseases and irreversible change for the Native Americans, threatening the American Indian lifeways. Missions living offered a chance for survival. This mission also served as headquarters for several Texas Missions.


Here is the front of the church. It has been 250 years since the missions Indians laid the last stone for their church. Except for the gradual disappearance of the beautiful and colorful frescos, little has changed.


If you look closer, you may be able to shee gunshoots and other damage on the stone.


Do you see the stress cracks and the round depression on the rock? I do believe it was caused by a kind of war or something. I was not able to find any record about it.


Franciscans friars aspired to teach community harmony to Indians through the Catholic sacraments. Catholic images can be found inside and outside the church.



This is the interior of the church. Religious services are still held at Mission Concepción. Click here to see a 360 degree photo inside the church.



Inside the church, right side. Some of the original frescos remains at the ways...


... unfortunately, ignorant visitors are destroying it.


Why some people cannot understand this is a historical site and needs to be protected? I hope some day, people will appreciate their OWN property.



Going back outside, I was able to see the details on the front facade.




Some interesting photos of the exterior:




I found this picture quite interesting. (The left one)


It is located at the right side (south side) of the church. It was 12 o'clock and the hole on the roof let the sunlight to get inside.


Somehow, the light goes exactly into the "hole" on the way. (by the way, that is not a window. Maybe an catholic image was there). Coincidence?


Right: A room decorated with frescos.


They had electric candles also! Cool!


Here are detail of the colorful paintings:



The extensive art inside the buildings contains a blending of Christian, Spanish and native art elements. Those paintings were restored on 1988. Documents on the mission clearle asks: "To protect these structures, please do not sit, lean, or stand on the historic walls and well, and the quarry stones.


Well? Someone did mention a Well? YES! this mission have a nice well, here is the photo:



What is inside that well?



Yeap, just trash.


Here are some photos of the building:



Doesn't take too long to visit this mission. Only the building remains of this one. The National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior and the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park is doing a great job to preserve the historic missions, the best thing; it is free to visit it.


I hope you enjoy my photos as I did.


By the way, this berries (or whatever are called) are responsible for some drunk animals every years. I did hear on the news many birds ate it when it was fermented and died because high levels of alcohol. I found this tree on the Mission area.


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