Did You Find My Dollar Bill?

Can you help me to find my Dollar bill? I'm trying to find how far can a dollar bill can travel, going hand by hand, day after day. Could you help me to find it? (2/25/2007)


Today, February 25, 2007, while visiting the flea market, I found a dollar bill on the floor. I almost never pick up something from the floor, but this time, I found quite interesting this dolar bill and I took it. Here is a photo of it:



I guess a kid lost it after looking for some toys. I'm sorry for that kid. Anyway, I tried to give it back, but there was no kid crying or saying anything about "I lost my dollar". I was thinking: "I will give it away to any kid that wants to buy a toy" or something like that, but later, I thought: "I guess is better to give it to someone that really need it, like a homeless guy or something like that".


I found no one homeless... well, in theory, I'm homeless; so I decided to keep it. Later, when I was going back to home I decided to write www.josepino.com at the margin and buy anything that I need. Here are two photos of my dolar bill:




The serial number is L32765393K. If you see my dollar bill, please let me know, I would like to know: Where it is? and How did you get it?


Please, help me to find my dollar bill.


Last seen:



  • 1. 2/25/2007 - San Antonio, TX
  • 2. 06/29/07 - New York, found by ZAC.
  • 3. 07/21/07 - Florida, found by Steve.
  • 4. 10/15/07 - Mitchell, South Dakota, Found by Dusting Nordrum.
  • 5. 12/03/08 - Someone from Tucson, Arizona. Unconfirmed.


    Update: Hey, if you find a dollar bill with a blue 'X' in the corner, Let us know! Denisse from Florida wants to know where is it. She wrote:
    I had a dollar with a blue X in the corner of the dollar. The X is made of marker. Oh, and I didn't make the mark. It was just, there. So, I spent it and since then, I keep wondering if I'll ever get it back. Have you see the blue-X dollar? I spent it about three years ago.



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