How To Run a Marathon.

What do you need to run a lot of miles? Good motivation? A good prize? Good pair of legs? Let's find it. (5/31/2007)


Here are a few photos from the Fiesta Texas Marathon 2007 were regular people was running. To run a marathon, a good motivation is needed.


What motivated this people to run?


fast guy This guy was running so fast... I wasn't even able to see his motivation. Maybe he was following a blonde? Maybe his girlfriend was mad at him? No idea.


Flash and Wonder Woman What motivated Flash and Wonder woman to run this marathon?


I believe Wonder woman forgot to put some coins in the parking meter where her invisible craft was parked.


About Flash; well... I don't know his motivation, I guess he was running behing wornder woman for big and round reasons.


bee running a marathon What motivates a bee to run a marathon?


Honey... maybe.


old guy running WHat motivates this regular grandpa to run a marathon?


No idea. Maybe Katrina or the flooding at New Orleans.


super girl running What motivates Super girl to run this marathon?


Her super powers!


... but some ladies doesn't know how to sit.


cat on the hat things running What motivates thing 1 and thing 2 to run a marathon?






You don't get it? SOME-THING!


You need to read The Cat in the Hat.


perfect bodies running What motivates those guys with athletic bodies to run this marathon?


To show off their perfect body.


(They are in Texas, they speak spanish. Remember?)


super dad running What motivated Super Dad to run this marathon?


I don't know, but I'm sure his motivation is already gone with the kid looking at him with the "You sux dad!" way.


riding a bike on the marathon What motivated this big guy to run this marathon?


He is cheating! He is riding his bike!


deal or not deal? What motivated the "Deal or not Deal" team to run this marathon?


I guess the million dollar.


I think the number 9 is not a woman. ANyway; for one million dollar, anyone is willing to wear a dress.


mexican guy running the marathon What motivates a Mexican to run a marathon?


A beer.


Unfortunately, this guy was able to reach the beer and he didn't win the marathon.


Please note all those guys on the street looking at him with envy.


a regular guy wins the marathon.


What motivates this regular guy to run the marathon?


No idea, but he won.



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