Stone Mountain, GA - II

My visit to Stone Mountain Park. - Page 2 (8/5/2006)


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DSCN5181.jpg After a while, I was hungry. I decided to try the food of the park.




My lunch: A hamburguer and the price. Actually, I asked for the "Engineer burger" and the lady gave me the "CowCatch burger".


DSCN5185.JPG I'm not sure why this guy have a hammer and a scale. I think the scale gives your weight and your height. I decided not to ask.


DSCN5192.JPG Let's ride the stone mountain scenic railroad!


DSCN5198.JPG Yes, this is a real train. A nice 40 minutes ride on train.


DSCN5200.JPG The seats are not confortable. I can't complain.


DSCN5205.JPG The train is moving! While riding the train, I was listening the story of the stone mountain. It was used as a source for granite.


DSCN5226.JPG A ghost town? Not really. There is some people on that small town.


DSCN5235.JPG Actually, the town is an interesting place, the habitants were dancing and singing for us. Quite funny.


DSCN5237.JPG The show was only 10 minutes. After it finished, the train started moving again. How these people can live on that flat buildings?


DSCN5247.JPG Some old buildings were visible during the train ride.


DSCN5256.JPG The only way to reach the top of the mountain walking. A mile and half trail. I was tired to walk, so I decided not to walk.


DSCN5267.JPG A really old police car
"Bad boy, bad boy, What you gonna do when they come for you?"


DSCN5269.JPG A real Smith's forge.


DSCN5270.JPG A Dog's show!


DSCN5274.JPG A really fast dog doing some tricks.


DSCN5299.JPG This dog really know how to jump!


DSCN5312.JPG This guy have a show on "Animal planet" or something like that. He is so famous... I don't remember his name and I don't know who is him. I guess I need to watch more TV. He said the dogs on the shows comes from homeless animals or shelters.


DSCN5323.JPG More tricks


DSCN5368.JPG A super-ultra-hyperactive dog that also knows how to jump.


DSCN5409.JPG This dog jumps really high. Also, it is so fast, I had little trouble trying to take the video of this dog.


DSCN5414.JPG After the show was cancelled (Because bad weather), a little southern music.


DSCN5415.JPG A sad place where everybody gets there someday.
"I Told you I was sick!"


DSCN5187.JPG Let's ride the Sky...


DSCN5435.JPG ... DANG! Is closed!


DSCN5426.JPG Bad weather... really bad weather.


DSCN5450.JPG "Rain drops falling over my head..."


DSCN5455.JPG The rain is over, Some the clouds born from the mountain. Unfortunately, all the attractions were closed because the weather, so, I had to go home, but I will go back with my honey bun to have lots of fun!



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