Beyonce Falls Off Stage

If Beyonce falls on stage in front of thousands of fans, does it make a sound? Sony BMG is trying to not to make a sound about it. (7/28/2007)


I just heard on the news about Beyonce falling off stage and she asked not to post the video over internet. But as you may think; Some people will be more interested to post the video rather than repect her request.


*** Warnign: Some images may not be suitable for young viewers. ***


I came as soon is possible to my computer trying to watch the video online, but here is what I got:


"This video is no longer available due a copyright claim by Sony BMG"


That's weird! YouTube agreed to remove a video? How that come?


I can't understar how YouTube is willing to remove an interesting video but refuses to remove Porn, Adult material, XXX, etc, etc, etc.


Anyway, I don't want to get in trouble, so I will not mention anything else about inadecuate material on YouTube like this one:



... Or like this rape scene:



Oh well, If you check some blogs over internet, you may be able to see the video. The name on the video was changed to avoid being removed. Check for "birthday party" videos and you may be able to see Beyonce falling.





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