Dramatic Chipmunk

Did you know the "Dramatic Chipmunk" is the best funniest 5-seconds-clip ever? More famous than any other artist. Here is the World Famous "Dramatic Chipmunk". (7/24/2007)


Maybe you didn't know it, but there are many reasons why this chipmunk is so famous.


Take a look!


*** Warning: The language used on some of these videos may not be suitable for kids, let you parent know before you see those videos.


The Original Dramatic Chipmunk

So dramatic!


In titanic!


Star wars, the movie


In politics


...and finally, P2P Filesharing.



Maybe you wonder, where this "dramatic chipmunk" comes from?


Well, here is the answer:



Well... WAS the answer. Youtube removed the video. It was a Japanese TV program.


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