Subliminal Advertisement

Some companies are blamed to have subliminal advertisement. Many times it is denied by the companies. Technical error? Subliminal ads? See it by yourself. (2/10/2007)


A glass with three ice cubes and sex. Sounds familiar? That is a famous photo used on subliminal advertisement many years ago. I even myself I consider I found one in Diet Coke ad, In fact, I'm not the only one that saw it.


Now, appears "technical errors" are another reason for subliminal advertisement.


On January 21, 2007 on Food channel, just before "Iron chef" ends, a red image filled the screen in a fraction of a second. Some people was able to record it and play it back in slow motion. The result: A subliminal ad from McDonals. Here is the video posted at



Of course, McDonalds denies it, Food Network says "it was a technical error". What do you think? Maybe Food Network is doing "free ads" as technical errors? Maybe the Aliens are visiting the earth and causing technical errors? We did born yesterday?


Inside Edition investigated the issue, here is a clip regarding this issue on Food network.



I really wonder, Food channel does free advertisement because "technical errors"? That question bothers me and it doesn't go away from my mind. Anyway, we know perfectly the subliminal advertisement exists and it is practically everywhere. If you don't believe me, just look closer to all TV advertisement, even on magazines you can find interesting ads.



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