The owner of this web page had a simple but a great idea: To make an one million dollar homepage. Somehow, He did. (6/19/2006)


million dollar homepage Alex Tew had a simple but a great idea: To make a million US dollars selling 1,000,000 pixes. $1 USD each. The motivation was to pay for his degree studies because he didn't want to end the school with a huge debit. Most of the graduated students ends with a debt that takes long time to pay off. He, certainly, didn't want that.


He got the domain www.milliondollarhomepage.com and sold every 100-pixels block of the web page (a block is a 10x10 pixel area). The idea was to sell an area of the page and show it for, at least, five years.


After one year, the entire area was sold, he got the money and the companies got a piece of internet history. The web page is full, completely full. This web page was a huge success, many wep pages are trying to do exactly the same to get money. However, it wasn't really easy for Alex Tew.


He was blackmailed after a while asking for money or the web page will be attacked with DoS attacks (denial of service). The page was down for a few days and the "customer" were threatening to sue because the Web site was offline for six days as the the Financial Times reported.


Finally, the last pixels were sold on January 2006 and the owner made more than a million dollar. Not too bad for an idea that started a summer night of August 2005.


Link: www.milliondollarhomepage.com


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