Moon, 100% cheese.

Finally, I can say that elderly people were right. The moon is 100% cheese. Here is the proof. (2/19/2006)


Cheese... the moon is made of cheese. Some people thinks that I'm crazy, silly and things like that. But I finally I found the proof that shows the moon is made of 100% cheese.


How the "myth" started? I'm not sure, the only information that I found regarding this was found in the John Heywood's Proverbes, dated 1546, states: "The moon is made of a greene cheese" (greene=new)


The web page have a cientific evidence that the moon have a seismic velocity similar to the cheese. That web page states:


The seismic velocity of moon "rock" is much closer to cheese than any rock found on earth. I admit that this is not conclusive proof that the moon is made of cheese, but in the words of the scientists:
"Old hypotheses are best after all, and should not be lightly discarded"


Thanks to the technology, we can see the moon close enough to see how the moon is made of cheese. On july 20, 1969 Apollo 11 reached the moon. In honor of that event, Google have some pictures of the moon. Visit the moon and see by yourself. Click on the google link and zoom as much as possible, you will see the texture of the cheese.


Google Moon


Moon is made of cheese!


July 2009 Update: Google no longer shows a "cheese surface" when zooming.


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