Johnny Burrito and his ugly money. (9/20/2006)


Johnny Burrito shows on his web page the ugly money that he gets from customers.


On his web page (www.uglymoney.com) he indicates:


"Since 1998, while running the cash register at Johnny Burrito, I have encountered unsung artists, poets, philosophers & pundits using our national currency as their medium.


A cost effective delivery to be seen by many. Few folks would throw away money - offensive or not. I often wonder...what is someone thinking when they do what they do. After several years of collecting, this page was created Feb, 2002."


What a great idea! Basically, he have a great collection of bills, coins and other interesting stuff.


Also, there are some interesting links and facts, like "In accordance with the rules set forth for color copies of US currency, we have scanned images at 151% of original size." Yes, is illegal to duplicate the US money according to some rules.


link: http://www.johnnyburrito.com/uglymoney.htm


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